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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am. downtown orlando. that's as close as you want to get to going outside because it is called. >> it is lovely. >> i love it. fantastic. not everybody does. >> we checked weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom is a man of the hour. >> will come of the forecast. again, it is going to be cold but one thing i'm watching as a blanket of clouds which will keep temperatures warmer than if the skies were absolutely clear but we will drop off before it is done. 30 60, 41 leesburg seminole county, lake mary, 44, 46 longwood at the present time. factoring in wind outside and we had wind at 10-50 miles an hour. it makes it feel colder. 39 in orlando, 35, -- palm
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that is what you need to dress for. those are the clouds and talking about let's get your kids dressed appropriately. it's going to be cold even in the afternoon hours. recess time, noon, 50 degrees with a breeze which means it will feel like the 40s and high around 55. we stay in the 50s and that leads to a colder morning overnight freeze warning up for central florida going into wednesday morning. i will show you who 5:31 am checking the driveway deneige. >> for await no issues eastbound or westbound this morning. the traffic heading toward downtown orlando no issues but we have a spot on another toll road, 417 southbound, offramp to the turnpike southbound is blocked for construction so keep that in mind if you don't use the ramp. nancy? 2 police officers investigation for shooting a man in orlando apartment compass.
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fire when the man refused to permit put out his gun. i was news this morning deneige -- janai norman is live. the incident was not over -- over after officers fired shots. >> reporter: 10 hours ago is a much more chaotic scene at this complex we have seen orlando police officers coming and going this morning here's another one just pulling in but this is where neighbors were not able to get inside to go home last night as police were confronted by 2 men with guns. fdle investigating the shooting that left to officers on paid administrative leave. at the top of the officer i recap how police said were called for a suspicious incident met my man who refused to put down his gun and opened fire. we spoke with a neighbor who says it happened above her apartment where her husband heard it all. >> it has happened above my unit they herded police giving them cpr i'm the gentleman upstairs.
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police to find out who the man is and how he is recovering. after officers fired they were confronted with another man with the gun. after the chaos, we learned that guy is a military veteran complying with orders to drop his gun and was not hurt. >> our officers after just being involved in a shooting turned to confront the other armed person and showed composure. >> there's a lot of questions we are working to get answers to surrounding this. who call police? incidents? was anyone else involved other than the guy who shot and where on his body was he shot? at the same time we are working to learn more about the 2 officers but we do not know their names yet but we know they both have been with opd for the 5 years. janai norman, eyewitness news this morning.
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there missing son could be in the cold. 23-year-old john noss has asperger's syndrome and is missing. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is live in a neighborhood where he vanished in the middle of the night saturday. his family is worried he could be in danger. >> reporter: nancy they have not heard from him since he left the neighborhood 3 days ago. with how cold it is he -- they are worried he's out in the weather. this is john noss, 23-year-old matlen man with asperger syndrome. his family says he venice as we can in this morning they are desperate to ring there missing son home. he left around 3:30 am saturday and because of that, his family did not know he was gone until hours later. they think he may have enough money to buy a bus ticket to philadelphia where he has lived before. is very trusting. his family and friends are worried that quality could put him in danger. he may get into a car with someone he does not know. neighbors near his home at
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working to together to share his picture in hopes someone will spot him and call police. >> my phone has been lighting up. i have gotten i don't know, 30 or 40 messages from people i've never met before. they live in the community. everyone is concerned and they want to know what they can do to help. >> reporter: a family friend says matlen police to have leads. but they are looking to the public for help. in the last hour, i put a message into police asking if tips have come in overnight case. hear back. live in the seminole county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning remember you can help in the search for john noss by sharing his picture go to slash wftv. developing this morning orange county deputies looking for the suspects in what they call a random drive-by shooting in the middle of orlando's tourist center early saturday morning and a stoplight near mangels i-drive. the victim says a bullet came inches away from his head.
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while his passenger he waited for red light to change that no one hurt. colusa county leaders well vote on a plan to fix this week. recently homeless people have been setting up camp outside the county administration building on beech street. the volusia county manager says the county should lease or purchase a vacant property on north street. if approved, the county would fence the property and provide a large tent and add temporary bathrooms for the homeless. the vote takes p&l, thursday. a flight in orlando international airport was forced to return to the gate so 3 people could be removed from the plane. delta officials say the passengers would not turn off their cell phones of the flight crew and captain. decided to return to the gate . the flight took off for new york for a landed one hour late. rescue crews continue to search for 12 marines who disappeared after helicopter crashed in hawaii last week. on monday search teams found liferaft from helicopter but no one was on them. they were inflated
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year-old corporal. james jarvis from fort myers is among the missing marines. michigan governor rick snyder expected to discuss a water crisis in flight during tonight's state of the state address that the city has been dealing with toxic lead contamination in the drinking water for the past few weeks. said emergency declared for the area. this problem started after the local governments was the water supply from lake huron to the flint river. researchers discovered the river water was 19 times more corrosive than the water in lake huron. a few hours we will find out of a new trial date for the former star and pitchers player aaron hernandez bit a judge in massachusetts expected to set a date after hernandez's trial for the 2012 killing of to month. the football star is accused of shooting 2 men after an argument at a nightclub. sentence for killing a man
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the heart of florida united way volunteers are reminded central florida residents about the earned income tax credit volunteers from the organization say thousands of dollars often get left behind so they are passing out flyers in the streets. this option on your tax return can help to bring an action money for many families. united way says the goal is to have all residents aware of the options. trader joe's has a warning about the store brand cashews because they could be contaminated with salmonella. the supermarket is recalling the store brand raw cashew pieces. 2 dozen states received possibly contaminated product florida was not one be the company says it will remove them from all shelves in all locations out of an abundance of caution. you can throw them out or return them to the store for food refund. know is this is reported. covering volusia county, leaders want to decide whether to spend $2000 on an armored vehicle for the sheriff's office. a tank on loan from the military was removed from the sheriff's office last wednesday. the tanks recently recalled because of president obama's
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enforcement agencies. county leaders will meet to vote on the surplus vehicles on monday -- thursday. parts of the u.s. are expressing frigid temperatures during a deep freeze sweeping the nation. wind chill at 5 degrees for 17 states from montana to north carolina. more than 2 inches of snow hit areas on the east coast from dc to new york city. minnesota, so-called a local meteorologists was able to freeze a t-shirt within seconds of stepping outside. and 14 cars piled up after snow filled a highway outside of yonkers, new york. we know what led to the know what -- no mac transmitter to go off air. it went off-line 3 am. phone lines went out caused the outage. the radio was repaired about 10:00 sunday night at&t said the lines what i'll do to a hardware problem. hopefully we learn from what happened so it doesn't happen again
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serge kovaleski mcraney. >> -- cert meteorologist just a mcraney, leesburg, 39. 35 oia. blanket of clouds helping to keep temperatures slightly warmer than if the skies were clear. we have a wind outside they are less than 10 miles an hour but breezes 10 to 15. this is what it looks like when you step out, 34 in deland that is the windchill. skies clear and winds are light of it leading to freeze warning in effect for flagler marion sumter counties. flagler county, freezing conditions for at least 2 hours but man is sumter counties with it at freezing conditions for 4 more hours. areas could be dipping into the upper 20s. skies start off with a blanket of clouds but as we go through the day they will clear and redbud elementary, a recess temperature of 51. highs only in the mid-50s.
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the area for tomorrow morning and storms coming up. 5:40 am here's deneige. >> crashes we did have have cleared out but we have a couple of spots of construction here in cocoa, i-95 southbound citrix boulevard if you have one lane closed, causing -- not causing many issues. they were 417 southbound offramp to the turnpike southbound closed at this time so you will not be able to use that until they be open that for construction. jamie? is a well keeps on growing. coming up the new construction work the coveted try to get done near hollywood studios good news for those not getting enough sleep. all of us how you may be able to catch up on missing snooze time. with the el nio bringing more risk of tornadoes, we started asking questions about safety.
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5:44 am. on top of an officer involved shooting and in east orlando apartment complex. breaking news last night at 11:00 when we found out shots were fired at the complex near cimmaron in the best of it janai norman is live. there are a lot of questions surrounding what happened. >> reporter: nancy, we know the police officers are on paid administrative leave as fdle investigate it seems the investigation is ongoing at this complex.
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have seen off this coming and going ever since. since we came in the air at 5 am this morning, i have been telling you please were first called here for a suspicious incident around 7:30 last night they say officers were confronted by a man with a gun who refused to put it down so they opened fire. we are staying in contact with investigators to put get the names of the 2 police officers who we know they have been with opd for more than 5 years. at the same time we are asking police about the man they shot, he is if he lives here and if they have run into him before. and also about the original call. we find out who called the police and what the suspicious incident was, we will update you here on air and on our wftv mobile app. in orlando, janai norman, as investigation continues, we'll bring you details on channel 9 and for updates throughout the day, as she mention check out our wftv news app leaders are working hard to
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safe during severe weather. emergency management officials are working to make sure buildings and code enforcement the new standards put in place in the last year. leaders and volusia county also offer interest free loans, a great garage door and window coverings. shelters are being retrofitted to increase capacity and safety and seminole county. florida state university researchers are examining what workers -- works best for senior drivers when it comes to road signs and signals. institute for successful longevity will study how affected fto teeth tip cards are for drivers. right now at dod has now caused a flaming things like warning state. numbers show walt disney world has the most themepark 2015. the theme park reported 7 incidents. pre-existing conditions. universal had 6, most getting right one person reported
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between october, december lesser bush gardens, wet and wild had no incidents. a report shows nasa's biggest programs facing safety concerns an independent safety panel found heavy lift broader program and o'brien program increased safety risk with tight budgets and schedules. test programs putting manned space missions at risk with components apparently have eroded gradually in the last 5 years. everybody agrees the long-term goal is to get human presence, colonies on mars. schedule and budget is putting at risk the testing and redundancy and all of the things that make a program as safe as it can be. experts believe the growth and commercial space flight programs will provide buffers if something happens to the nasa program in the future. talkshow host steve harvey is picking up the first time since he flubbed the miss universe announcement. >> he got emotional during
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he had a 2 day special on his talkshow inviting both ms. philippines, the winner and miss colombia. he asked for forgiveness on the first episode that aired yesterday. i felt like -- horrible for both of them. it is so much i want to say. i am truly sorry. >> the women did not appear on the show together. the 2nd episode with miss colombia's interview airs this morning on channel 9 at 9 am. apparently his family is being getting death threats over this. that was a hard part is that his wife and kids have been getting very tough emails. >> is a tough experience for him he cried at one point during the interview. >> one moment in time. you don't wanted to define you. >> i cry when i walked out [laughter]. >> was a because you did not bring your jacket? chilly obviously and it is going to be to the 36 ocala, 39 deland, temperatures will drop a few more degrees but we have
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trap the heat that we have from radiating back into the atmosphere. we will see how it plays out. are the winds. wind between 5-10 but at times up to 50 miles an hour. it puts a windchill -- 15 miles an hour. with the wind chill factor into play. 3911, 30s clamor, there's a lot of 30s today 40 degrees. that is what you need to transport that is what you need the kids dressed for as they head out to the bus stop. if you think it's going to warm up this afternoon, it is going yesterday. 10 degrees below average yesterday afternoon. clouds brought to us by the subtropical lingering around mexico. high pressure eroded clouds to the day. will have wind but the clouds will begin to depart and we will have winds slack to the evening hours leading to a very cold wednesday morning.: up
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areawide will only be in the 50s that normal high is 71. 57 winter haven and again, cloudy earlier but sunshine later winter park, mainly 55 daytime high. longwood, altamonte springs, degrees. inland size of volusia county deland, 53. today in flagler county, they stay in the low 50s. the now 51 and the coastline flagler beach only 52. 30s areawide. almost colder weather for the northern zones as we head over i admit -- overnight flagler county inland below freezing 30 ocala, breezy conditions for marion county flagler county, sumter and colder spots lake county as well freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning. for the areas. honing in on marion and sumter counties because the sumter county, we could have areas
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20 degrees of the numbers are freezing mark but you know the colder outlying areas means we could have freezing conditions for more than 4 hours in spots. make sure you protect your plans and pets in this environment. the first decent read this year. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, after the cold morning tomorrow morning we do see the warming trend coming back in. 70s return, thursday and friday a quick shower, thunder possible friday. another cool weekend as we move into saturday sunday. 5:50 am. traffic tracker, deneige. >> one spot of construction . 417 southbound, at the offramp turnpike southbound offramp closed at this point for roadwork. keep that in mind if you take that turnpike southbound. volusia county clearing roadwork. i-4, us 90 2, traffic heading eastbound -- us 90 2, westbound traffic clearing out construction both directions looking good. one more day until a portion of a parkway is set to open.
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be held tomorrow to launch the first section of the roadway. it runs from mount plymouth near haas wrote in orange county to state road for 6 in lake county the ones the entire parkway space it will be complete and part of an effort to complete the beltway. deputy say remains are in the backyard of a lake healthy home. discovery. progress following an outbreak of listeria.
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blue bell is getting close to that been on shelves of the lipid products are now on its way to parts of alabama, georgia and the carolinas among others. pulled products from stores following a listeria outbreak. blue bell is expected to be back on for the shelves later this month. a new recall you need to know about. canned food incorporated recalling more than 22,000 pounds of chicken sausage because it contains pork casings. the company says the alfresco sweet apple chicken sausage as incorrect nutritional labels. the recall covers the 12 ounce the compact packages produced on november 4 the compact packages produced on november 4, 2015. sausages distributed at
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check your fridge. sean penn speaking out against the mexican government following claims he was linked to el chapo's arrest. he did that sunday night. penn says his secret interview what joaqumn guzman had nothing to do with the ketchup at the mexican government says they tracked him to the safe house. penn firing back said the mexican government is embarrassed. >> they were clearly humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. no one found him before they did ask penn met with el chapo october. he was not arrested until this month the actor says he does not believe the cartel will try to harm him. there may be a new way to study rain injuries using dissolving and plans. researchers have implanted chips holding tiny electronic sensors in the brains flaps the size of a grain of met -- rice and melt when they are not needed any longer. they hope sensors can eliminate the need for bulky system to monitor brain injuries for people. researchers hope to do trial on humans but that is still a few
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good news for the sleep deprived. listen up, jamie. results of the short-term study suggest catching up on your sleep over one weekend can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. university of chicago used in 19 young men and -- pam cook control dive are getting fewer than 5 hours of sleep high risk 16 percent. after sleeping more than 9 hours for 2 consecutive nights the risk returns to normal levels. more sleep, fewer donuts. disney world wants to do more work in hollywood studios bit busy father the construction permit request which includes plans to build a retention pond and expand parking and rehabilitate part of the park pick this includes expanding the existing ramp from osceola parkway to the park entrance and building another road from walt drive to the entrance of the park. they changes going on. final decision may today
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marijuana in altamonte springs x at the top of the hour the words and pictures that are banned to the city. a matlen man disappeared from this neighborhood 3 days ago. coming up why his family says he could be in danger. temperatures near 40
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